Closest to the Fire

{ A Guide to American Law and Lawyers }

The legal landscape can be a minefield. Here's a map.

Most people don't know all that much about the framework of the American legal system. That lack of knowledge can be dangerous. This book offers invaluable assistance in understanding, and safely navigating, the often treacherous legal landscape.

Moreover, the legal world -- with its suspense, moral quandaries, and ripped-from-the-headlines subject matter -- provides wonderful material for fiction. Included throughout the book are ideas for stories or story elements based on the content and available for the readers' use, going well beyond the most common homicide courtroom context. This guide will help writers explore these story possibilities, and will assist writers and others who wish to avoid the many pitfalls awaiting the unwary.

A unique addition to your library, Closest to the Fire is a resource you'll find many reasons to consult -- including some you may not foresee!

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{ About the Author }

Karen A. Wyle is an award-winning appellate attorney with more than thirty years' experience. A cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School, she worked for law firms and the California Court of Appeal before establishing her solo practice in Bloomington, Indiana. Wyle has filed amicus briefs in the U.S. Supreme Court and seven state supreme courts. She has also written and published numerous novels, several of which include extended near-future courtroom scenes.

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